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APRIL 4, 2020

Happy 4/04. We debated sending our traditional 4/04 email this year as reflecting on our successes and ignoring the crisis may seem disingenuous or unsympathetic.

It goes without saying that this year has been fairly trying for all of us. With the emergence of COVID-19, our priorities have temporarily shifted from engaging prospective clients to ensuring our health and safety. We’re relieved to say that, so far, no one in our team nor creative network has tested positive for the virus, nor shown any symptoms. As a uniquely structured, virtual company, our network works remotely from home offices, helping with the social distancing and the safety of staying at home. The work day for most of our team has remained largely unchanged. Meetings are still conducted over the phone and Slack, and we engage with colleagues and clients virtually. And though we’re a strong proponent of face-to-face meetings to develop creative concepts and resolve complicated processes in strategy and development, the current environment has pushed all of us to maintain the integrity of our working relationships without sacrificing quality or health.

We consider ourselves fortunate in that the pandemic hasn’t left us with a shortage of work. Clients in the events industry have found themselves with the free-time to focus on pet projects that need design and development during this time when events are cancelled. Project managers have recognized the need for new processes and products to assist in the organization of a virtual workforce. Apps still need development. Sites still need interfaces. Wines still need labels. And personalities still need brands. We feel blessed for our clients’ trust and bravery to move forward. In the least, it provides a constructive, productive focus for our team, when worrying about the future seems counterproductive and uncertain.

We’re also trying to do our part to help others through this difficult and frightening time. While the pandemic hasn’t left us with an overflow of work, we feel compelled to reach-out to those struggling during this period. If you know of a designer, developer, strategist, or artisan on furlough from their fulltime job during the pandemic, please forward this newsletter to them and perhaps we can start a conversation about collaborating. Being part of the creative community in New York City for the last 19 years, we’ve managed to weather the tough times due, in part, to the generosity of others. We continually work to do the same in return, when possible.

April 28th marks the beginning of our 20th year at ERA404. We wouldn’t have lasted one year without the confidence of our friends, family, colleagues, and clients. Please stay home. Stay safe. And stay healthy. We hope to celebrate these milestones with you for decades to come.


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