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Over the last year, we've launched a number of web and mobile applications, created branding campaigns for new and evolving companies, and sent dozens of collateral materials to press. One of the greatest joys of working for a multi-disciplinary studio such as ERA404 is the variety of design that takes place in any given week.

And while we may've focused lately on Print, Strategy, Motion, Digital, and Identity work, we're excited to share some recent Environmental Design work with you. Environmental Design is one discipline that can often involve of all of the other disciplines. These projects can incorporate the creation of signage and POP displays (Print), 3D flythroughs (Motion), interactive check-in kiosks and automated rsvp/seating tools (Digital), event branding (Identity), and conceptualizing attendee flow (Strategy). The harmony of each discipline working together is what makes this type of work so rewarding and unique.


Architectural Concepting

Architectural Concepting

ERA404 artists work with event producers to build elegant presentation graphics depicting how event venues can be visually transformed into rich, immersive experiences. The process involves re-creating the existing environment and overlaying the set pieces, furniture, interactive elements, lighting design, and everything else born from the imagination of your team. The result is a comprehensive presentation that can be visually explored, discussed, and ultimately built from these designs. Your creativity is multi-dimensional; shouldn't your conceptual artwork be also?

Interactive Flythroughs

Interactive Flythroughs

Some environmental design concepts can't simply be communicated with a single image. In these cases, consider leading your client through the entire experience step-by-step with an interactive flythrough of your proposed event design. ERA404 animators work closely with producers and their production team, to choreograph and construct a fully simulated -- guided or unguided -- virtual tour of a presentation space, conference center or even an office renovation.

Hand-drawn Renderings

Hand-drawn Renderings

Hand-drawn renderings and sketches help capture the tone and mood of the event and have the added advantage of creating rough understandings of the decor and design for the venue. If you're still working on specifics (floral arrangements, lighting, furniture, etc.) but still wish to provide your client with conceptual artwork imbued with the energy of your ideas, then hand-drawn renderings are ideal. And though they are looser than pixel-perfect, to-scale architectural concepting, they allow the freedom to grow your creative in the time between presentation and execution.

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