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Scoping a Project


Every year, long before the ice thaws and the ground softens, my father takes a cup of coffee out to the farthest corner of the yard and studies a medium-sized rectangle of roped off terrain that will become his garden. The footage is limited, living in a modest suburb in Michigan, but in his mind, the objectives are organized into columns and rows.

Anxiety:What environmental factors should be concern me?
Trust:Will I get out what I put in?
Expectations:What level of commitment should I prepare for, in terms of budget? Labor? Upkeep?
Comfort:What is a realistic yield for an endeavor of this size?

When you break ground on any mission that will require your time, energy, and resources, he knows that a solid foundation, and thorough, comprehensive planning will make all the difference in the determination of your project’s fruitfulness.

The importance of well-written production scope has always been easy to communicate and readily received, but for unknown reasons, this document is all-too-often missing from RFPs. And while my father’s garden may seem an odd metaphor for web and application development, it should show that we scope non-web projects all the time without realizing. And his garden is a reasonably good visual for putting a scope into somewhat relatable terms, demonstrating its necessity, and giving a little color to a rather dry subject for backyard reading.

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