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Season VII Issue I     
Spotlight: HOW Magazine Feature - Behind the Design

March 15, 2008

Partners and Friends,

As New York City shows its first signs of Spring, and the days are once again getting longer, we are happy to share with you the news of our team's personal and professional successes.

era//404 truly proved itself to be a multi-disciplinary studio this past quarter, with projects ranging from the redesign of a 300 sq. ft. sales space in Midtown Manhattan (ASUS's installation in RCS Experience) to video production campaigns, to viral marketing videos to award-winning packaging products for Brooklyn Wine Company. Our unique corporate structure has again proven to be the key elements in our growth and we owe it all to our ever-growing creative network.

The network itself has had its fair share of achievement, as well. PHP Developer Juliano Ghisi tied the knot this quarter, and Flash Designer/Developer, Marceu Filho, and CAD Artist, Dave McCurdy, both popped the question to their fianceés (no, not to each other), and both said "YES!". Marketing and Strategy Advisor, Todd Greene, launched his own company Ad-Alt, Inc., which has already partnered with era//404 to provide full service marketing and strategy services. era//404 Creative Group, Inc., also relocated from its homebase in Michigan to the east coast and spawned a sister company, Lyrek, Inc., which is devoted to Lyrek Contact and Events Management System (CEMS) development and client services. Lyrek is due to launch Musikal Chairs™ this quarter, which has received early rave reviews from critics during the beta testing process.

Even as we enter the season number of this newsletter (7!), we are thinking back to all the work we've accomplished together. We've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and produce outstanding work. Thank you for your continued interest and we are very proud to share with you our accomplishments.



Completed Work

First Funds, LLC.
First Funds, LLC.
era//404 worked with NYC-based funding specialists, First Funds, LLC., to redesign their entire identity and branding campaign. The logo at the left, designed by era//404, has already been applied to First Funds' stationery system, signage, collateral materials, web site, tradeshow booth, emails and other branded products. This quarter, era//404 also designed and encoded First Funds' new web site.
Visit First Funds, LLC.
Identity Concepting (Creative Director's Blog)
Brooklyn Wine Company
Brooklyn Wine Company
Adam Goldstein, proprietor of Brooklyn Wine Company, continued to work with era//404 to expand their wine packaging to include the new Grand Army Meritage. The bottle packaging was recently featured in HOW Magazine's Behind the Design column (April 2008 pictured above). era//404 also designed three (3) Brooklyn Wine Company exclusive T-shirts for sale only at Brooklyn Industries, in Park Slope Brooklyn.

We continue to work on the new Brooklyn Wine Company site (brooklynwinecompany.net), print advertising, billboards and other collateral materials. Creative Director, Don Citarella, has an interesting article about the design process for the labels, here.
Visit Brooklyn Wine Company
See the labels
HOW Magazine - Behind the Design
Beautiful Children

Beautiful Children, by Charles Bock
era//404 launched the promotional/exploratory site for NYC author, Charles Bock's, new novel, Beautiful Children (Random House 2008). BeautifulChildren.net features information about the author and novel, blurbs and press, readings and events, and a host of other information for fans of the book and author.

As one of the major themes of the novel is runaways, with one in particular being coaxed into the seedy adult film industry, era//404 also worked with the author to produce a viral marketing video for a fictional Adult Film company, Slinky Fox Video. This project involved the collaborative skills of many of our creative network personnel, including Greg Stadnik, who championed the filming and editing of the piece. The viral marketing video has spread throughout the internet's undercurrents producing much interest to the site, author and novel. Warning: This video may not be suitable for children or office environments.

Visit Beautiful Children
Visit Slinky Fox Video
Global Investment Project

Global Investment Book and Illustrations
era//404 worked with a prominent NYC-based investment company and era//404 Network member, William Imboden, to create a 60-page, leather-bound book to document the culmination of a year's worth of global investment research. The book featured 35 charts, 12 original illustrations (including a three-spread, full-color rendering of Tom Sawyer on the muddy Mississipp'), laser-etched cherry wood medallions and tons of research information and photography.

As the book has not yet been produced, an NDA prohibits us from including information about the investment company, however we've added this piece to our portfolio and illustrator, Don Citarella, has included large, high-resolution images in his blog. Our client is excited to move forward with this project in 2008.

Global Investment Project (Portfolio)
Original Illustrations (Illustrator's Blog)
The Residences at Grand Cayman, Ritz-Carlton
The Residences, at Grand Cayman (Ritz-Carlton)
Courtney + Co. hired era//404 to perform some updates on the site for The Residences at Grand Cayman (Ritz-Carlton), which we originally developed in 2005. The site (residences-cayman.com) has been updated with new content, including floor plans, featured properties and new image galleries.
Visit The Residences at Grand Cayman
Big Beach Films

Big Beach
era//404 worked with NYC- and Maui-based Production Studio, Big Beach, to update content on their site, which was developed originally by era//404 in 2005. The updates include new content for their films, DVDs and projects on the horizon.

In the past, as well as developing the Big Beach site, era//404 has created promotional materials for the production studio's films at Sundance Film Festival, as well as print ads and other collateral.

Visit Big Beach
Frances Schultz

Frances Schultz
era//404 worked with NYC author and personality, Frances Schultz, to create a new identity for her enterprise. The identity (seen at the left) will be applied to her new web site, which era//404 is currently in the process of developing, stationery system, and a number of other promotional materials.

The site is expected to launch within the year.

Empire United Fencing
Empire United Fencing, NYC
era//404 worked with Jed Dupree and Sean McClain to create the identity and online presence for their new NYC-based fencing company, Empire United Fencing NYC. In addition to the logo and branding, era//404 developed a number of pieces for the campaign including signage, apparel and advertising for the fencing company.
Visit Empire United Fencing
Random House, Inc.

Random House
era//404 worked with publisher, Random House, to deliver Charles Bock's new novel, Beautiful Children, to fans for free for a three-day period. The functionality enabled users to download a PDF of the book, email the link to friends and subscribe to Charles Bock's and Random House's mailing lists. During the time that the book was available, traffic slammed the host's server and consumed over 45GB of the bandwidth. Tens of thousands of readers and internet users downloaded the book for free because of this unique promotional event by Random House.

Though this promotion is now over, the publisher still offers a few chapters for free.

Download Chapters
Visit Beautiful Children
Asus Computer International

ASUS @ RCS Experience
Cher Chronis of Triniti Creative Group approached era//404 with one of our most unique projects to date—redesign an electronics store for ASUS Computer International from the ground up. Cher and era//404 worked together to address all the needs of the laptop and computer giant to develop a sharp, unified concept that included a plexiglas cylinder display case holding their premier series of laptops, a 4-screen video wall running a 3-minute video loop, interactive laptop display table, gaming station, original signage and custom-built product shelving.

era//404 produced the project for Asus, drafted the space, built 3D models, managed the vendor teams and supervised the installation at RCS Experience on 56th Street and Madison Avenue in NYC.

Visit Asus Computer International
Visit RCS Experience
Visit Triniti Creative Group
ASUS @ RCS Experience (Portfolio)
Installation Pics (6MB Quicktime 7)
Video Wall Animation (15MB Quicktime 7)
Cooper Square

Cooper Square
era//404 was recently contracted by Cooper Square, a property management firm located in Midtown Manhattan, to add fresh content to the website for the 400-unit Horizon Condominium. The website, designed and developed by era//404 in late 2004, will host new features including an interactive bulletin board system for owners and board members to collaborate.

Visit Cooper Square
Visit the Horizon Condominium
Michelle Rago, Ltd.

Michelle Rago, Ltd.
Michelle Rago, Ltd.'s Garrett Mastrogiovanni and Michelle Rago worked with era//404 designers to illustrate conceptual designs for an upscale wedding at Palm Beach's The Breakers Hotel. This included hand-drawn renderings and 3D walk-throughs of the Venetian Ballroom reception hall and sunny Ocean Terrace. Images from the event can be seen on the Michelle Rago, Ltd. website.

Visit Michelle Rago, Ltd.
Visit The Breakers Hotel


On the Horizon

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe
era//404 is excited to be working again with Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe to update her portfolio to include other galleries of her work, and capabilities for enthusiasts to purchase prints and postcards. era//404 developed the portfolio site for her photography last year, in time for the 25th anniversary of her book on Daufuskie Island.

era//404 also worked with Ms. Moutoussamy-Ashe in the past on the design for the site for her late husband, tennis legend Arthur Ashe.

Visit the siteVisit Daufuskie Island
Facebook Application Development

Facebook Application Development
We are very proud to be your design and development partner when it comes to expanding your existing campaigns to new technology opportunities in the web marketplace. Since the start of 2008, era//404 is very pleased to have been approached by more than a handful of its current clientbase with application treatments for integration into the Facebook social networking portal.

Robert Lovenheim worked with era//404 to build the new MovieBamba® Movie Nights Facebook application into its Meet Me at the Movies® social site, to have broader appeal and accessibility to its target market. The application is currently in testing and an installation link will be provided in our next newsletter for parties interested in adding MovieBamba Movie Nights to their personal Facebook account.

Learn More about Facebook Application Development
Steven Wohlwender Photography
Steven Wohlwender
era//404 is in production redeveloping Steven Wohlwender Photography to include news and other information. The site, originally developed in 2005, features galleries by the artist and is driven by era//404 CMS (Content Management System) to allow for regular updates by the photographer.
Visit Steven Wohlwender Photography
Checks & More

Checks & More
Adam Goldstein, a partner at the Checks & More franchise in Brooklyn approached era//404 with the task of designing a fresh advertising campaign focused on emphasizing the differences between Checks & More and traditional banking institutions. The campaign, expected to launch within the month, will feature billboard advertising, bus and window signage, as well as print ads.

An informative website for Checks & More's customers is also planned, and production is expected to begin in May 2008.

era//404 is working with Robert Lovenheim to develop a new Icebreakers tool into the Meet Me at the Movies® social site, also designed and developed by era//404.

The site is expected to launch within the next few months.
Heart Center for Excellence
Heart Center for Excellence
era//404 is currently developing the public, patient and physician sites for Kalamazoo's Heart Center for Excellence. The site will feature a wealth of information for the three target audiences, interactivity tools for prescriptions, appointments and electronic medical records, news and events, and provide a hub for the renowned heart specialists' online marketing.

is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2008.


Other News

Lyrek CEMS with Musikal Chairs

Lyrek with Musikal Chairs
In the wake of Lyrek Contact and Events Management System (CEMS)™ hitting a record number of users last year, era//404 is pleased to announce that the product has split to form a sister company, Lyrek, Inc.™ The new company is now responsible for all leases and development for the application, popular in the Fashion, Public Relations and front-of-house event production industries.

To commemorate the launch of Lyrek, Inc. (and Lyrek CEMS v4.0), Lyrek, Inc., announced the launch of Musikal Chairs™—an online drag-n-drop Venue creation and Seating tool that interfaces with Lyrek CEMS. More information about Lyrek and Musikal Chairs can be found on their new site, Lyrek.net.

Visit Lyrek
era//404 Healthcare

era//404 Healthcare v1.0
Last year, era//404 debuted our online suite for the healthcare industry, era//404 Healthcare. The templated portal provides hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies, specialty clinics and all other businesses within the industry a public web presence, patient intranet and physician intranet. Contact era//404 if you're interested in a live demonstration of era//404 Healthcare.

Healthcare Information
Healthcare Screenshots
era//404 MediaPASS v4.0
era//404 MediaPASS (Project Asset Sharing System) v4.0
era//404 MediaPASS, a favorite among post production facilities in NYC, is now in its fourth iteration. Broadway Video, Inc. a major design editorial studio in Time Square has adopted MediaPASS for client review of boards and other work. Katherine Burke, Art Director at Broadway Video recently contracted era//404 for custom development work to be integrated into MediaPASS v4.0 , including a new notifications tool and rename/duplicate image gallery wizard.

Contact era//404 if you're interested in a live demonstration of era//404 MediaPASS 4.0.



In this issue:
Completed Work
On the Horizon
Other News

2007 Highlights DVD

era//404 Highlights 2005 Interested in receiving the era//404 2007 Highlights DVD? Request a copy and we'll drop one in the mail for you. The DVD includes reels for Web Design, 3D/Dynamic Graphics, and selected works for An English Mystery Graphic Open and The Electronic Theatre Teaser/Promotion.
Order a DVD

404 Facts and Information

404Each issue, era//404 Creative Group provides information on various random information on the number 404...sort of a Harper's Weekly focused specifically on the error code behind our name. Here's this month's installments:

The 404 Institute
The 404 Institute was established to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and a venue for the development of research and leading practices related to: Meeting the requirements of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Effectively leveraging current and future investments in internal controls, Enhancing the overall integrity of the financial reporting process.

Take a look at The Brothers Chaps version of a custom 404 page.

Smashing Magazine
The online magazine has an ongoing call for entries to submit your custom 404 pages.

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HOW International Design Annual
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Florence Fabricant, journalist for The New York Times Dining & Wine section, recently ran the below story and photo, "Food Stuff." The article prominently displays the Brookyn Wine Co. Wine Labels—Feliz Red, Feliz...
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Best Practices to Keep your Inbox, Voicemail and Mailbox Free of Solicitations
A few years back, era//404 was written up in The Wall Street Journal's online site, WSJ.com, for an experiment we ran concerning unsolicited email. The experiment was to test if those "Unsubscribe" links actually work. Upon creating a dozen brand new email accounts, we subscribed each to a dozen different online newsletters, contests, subscription services and mailing lists. Then, upon receiving the initial emails from those services, we clicked the "Unsubscribe" link...
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Read the Florence Fabricant's article in The New York Times that features era//404 designed Feliz Red and Feliz White, from Brooklyn Wine Company
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See the original illustrations for the Global Investment Literacy project, there too.
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See the viral marketing video for Charles Bock's Beautiful Children, ideated by era//404 Creative Group. Warning: May not be suitable for children or office environments.
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