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Season V Issue II
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July 12, 2006


Partners and Friends,

With the dog-days of summer in full swing here in New York, the second quarter of 2006 has been a sweltering, but eventful one. Our network has expanded to an all-time high of 35 creatives in four different countries. Team member Tina Roth-Eisenberg, and her husband, Gary, are the proud new parents of a baby girl. Marceu Filho has left the world of Web development (sadly) to pursue his new career as a restaurant owner. Our network has celebrated births, weddings and anniversaries. We're glad to share in these life changes with our family at era//404 and look forward to more joyous occasions to come.

We've had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people and produce outstanding work together. As always, we're grateful for your continued interest and proud to share with you our accomplishments.


Completed Work

Broadway Video Broadway Video
NYC Broadcast Designer Sharon Haskell hired era//404 to develop the corporate site for her client, Broadway Video. Ms. Haskell, who has designed a number of projects for BV, including Saturday Night Live's show package and "Best of" series DVDs, has worked with era//404 in the past to design her portfolio site,
Visit Broadway Video
The Residences - Ritz-Carlton The Residences, Grand Cayman (Ritz-Carlton)
Mark Courtney, Founder of New York's Courtney & Co, hired era//404 to develop the Residences, Grand Cayman, site for their client, Ritz-Carlton. The site, designed by Courtney & Co., features interactive image galleries, property listings, streaming music and dynamic content.
Visit The Residences
Visit Courtney + Co
MoMA MoMA Newsletters
era//404 worked with Tina Roth-Eisenberg to create newsletter templates for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The newsletters, designed by Mrs. Roth-Eisenberg, will go out to subscribers of MoMA's various mailing lists, including: This Month at MoMA, PS1, Film & Media and others.
Visit MoMA
Ice Tea Productions Ice Tea Productions Launch
New York City animation/VFX agency, Ice Tea Productions, contacted era//404 Creative Group for an overhaul of their existing web site and project management tool (PMT), to incorporate new talent material, new featured spots and backend administration functionality. The site now features an Events Management Tool allowing site administrators to easily post regular event invitations and photography, and collect attendance criteria. Site visitors are also given a new automated means of requesting studio literature and demo reels as well as new PMT features.
Visit Ice Tea Productions
LDJ Productions Avaya - LDJ Productions
LDJ Productions worked with era//404 to create conceptual 3D models and a :45 animatic to demonstrate and enhance their vision for this Avaya event.
View the animatic

Pink - Conceptual Wedding Reception Design
Michelle Rago, of Michelle Rago Ltd., approached era//404 about designing the stationery for a conceptual wedding for Modern Bride Receptions. "Pink," as the project became known, has been heralded as a Gatsby-inspired event, designed with zeitgeists of the Roaring 20s including croquet mallets, pink-and-chocolate bouquets and old-fashioned bicycles.

While this work was completed last year, recently (operated by Modern Bride) re-ran the feature on their site.
Subaru Subaru TV Spot
CreativeGroup.TV designer /art director, Gary Keenan approached era//404 3D animators and compositors to build an animated Subaru logo complete with crystal and chrome stars to refract bold white type and client footage. The stars became transitional devices and most of the footage was shown either reflected on a facet of the stars or through the crystal itself. The final spot was composited by VFX Artist Craig Lamson.
View the TV Spot
Service Opportunities for Students SOS Fundraiser Invitation (Big Beach)
era//404 created an invitation for Big Beach Films to assist in raising funds for Service Opportunities for Students. The event featured an advanced screening of Little Miss Sunshine and honored the vision and memory of Rebecca Annitto, who appears as an extra in the film.
Contribute to SOS
Visit Big Beach


On the Horizon

Nick Hornby UK Site Nick Hornby / Riverhead Books
era//404 is in production developing the US site for best selling author, Nick Hornby. The site, commissioned through Hornby's publisher, Riverhead Books, will be an online repository for all information about Nick, his books and works. The site is scheduled to launch next month following the paperback release of Hornby's latest bestseller, A Long Way Down.
Heart Center for Excellence Heart Center for Excellence
era//404 is currently developing the public, patient and physician sites, as well as a fully-manageable administrative back-end,  for Kalamazoo's Heart Center for Excellence. The site will feature a wealth of information for the three target audiences, interactivity tools for prescriptions, appointments and electronic medical records, news and events, and provide a hub for the renowned heart specialists' online marketing.

This site is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2006.
Red White & Bubbly Red, White & Bubbly
Who says a shopping cart has to look like a shopping cart? And who says that a wine store is just a retail venture? Adam Goldstein of Red, White & Bubbly in Brooklyn's Park Slope has built much more than an impressive catalog of international wines and merchandise, he's nurtured a community with RWB events, wine tastings, classes and group meet-ups, informing and sharing his product with the neighborhood where he grew up. With this innovative and diverse approach to his customers and friends, we should expect no less novelty or originality with, expected to launch mid-May 2006.
Viewpoint Mobility Viewpoint Mobility
DIY meets innovation when it comes to vehicle conversion for the disabled, and the masterminds behind Viewpoint Mobility located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. To accurately represent the firm and their evolving customer solutions, Viewpoint contracted era//404 to wrap a freshly designed web site with era//404 Content Management System (CMS). This site, expected to launch the end of July is bold and informative, and liberates the client from constant dependence on an outside design company to make regular updates to the site's state-of-the-art product listings and news items. The site also features multi-level access for end-users, dealers, employees and administrators.
Erig Properties ErIg Properties / Sunshine State Luxury
era//404 is currently working with Ignatius Cuyjet of Erig Properties to create a site template to promote current listings by the Florida Real Estate Developers.


Other News

era//404 MediaPASS era//404 MediaPASS (Project Asset Sharing System) v3.0
A new version of era//404 MediaPASS launched in February to include client feedback from v2.0. The applicaton, scoped by early-adopters, revolutionizes the way media and production houses post images, text files, audio, video and pdfs for project members and provides a unique, illustrative infrastructure for users.
View MediaPASS
era//404 Timebank 2.0

era//404 Timebank v2.0
Because of rigorous testing by early-adopters of Timebank 2.0, a new version is now available. The newly-designed application provides a more robust platform for hours reporting, statistics and email notifications.

Some features include:
• Reporting of client access and suspicious access logs.
• Commission sales reporting.
• Admin communication toggle (private).
Subcontractor payment/rate system and reporting.
• Statistics tracking for sales persons and commissions.
View Timebank
era//404 Look-up Tool era//404 Look-up Tool
era//404 worked with Autodesk Flame/Inferno/Smoke/Backdraft operators to develop the era//404 LookUp Tool, an automated approach to tracking projects giving all LAN users with access one-click retrieval of all device statistics/status, projects lists and project management assignments (archive, delete, wire).
View Look-up Tool


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404According to the Action Figure Times, a '404' has crept into our 2000 lingo:404 - Someone who's clueless. From the World Wide Web error message '404 Not Found,' meaning that the requested document could not be located: 'Don't bother asking him . . . he's 404, man.' 

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